Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Reactionary Gap... Is Closer Safer?

Jeff rocking out his new Krav shirt he got at last weekend's 2.25 Crash Course!

Yesterday, I almost took a pic of me in my shorts, flip flops and Bahamas Hard Rock Cafe' t-shirt.


Because it was sunny here and going up to 80!

...And although today is rainy, it's still warm!

Spring's Here!!

As if things couldn't get better after this weekend's Krav Maga Assault Prevention & Response 'Crash Course'!

People came from all over to train here in GR w/us. Winnipeg, Canada, Texas, Upper State Michigan, and of course locally.

We had a pretty full house of folks who were looking to be introduced to or hone their skills as PeaceWalkers!

Not only did we work on ways of protecting ourselves physically, we also explored awareness skills, and some of the simple 'practical' psychology of how aggressors choose the environment and their targets when it comes to violence and crime.

We also looked at their method of engagement of how they carry out their assaults.

At least one of the folks there training was particularly inspired by these exercises... Possible too much so... but we won't mention any names... TIM! =)

Overall everyone seemed to have a great time learning, connecting and re-calibrating their PeaceWalker Skills and Identity!

 Here's the crew that trained last weekend at the Krav 2.25 Crash Course
Great Job Gang!!

Don't Worry... But You Better Hurry!

Don't worry if you missed the course...

We video recorded the entire seminar!

I'll be posting part 1 up on later this week! 

I'll post each of the other parts as we complete the editing and uploaded process to get them on the site!

Yes, that's right, all 5+ hours of Krav Ma-Rock'n Video Content!!

In order to see it, you have to be a member!

But Hurry...


Because New Registration is Closing Next Week!

Beyond the 6 A's of Safety

If you came to this weekends seminar you know we went over the 6 A's of Safety which are

Avoid Isolation
Attract Attention

Rather then just writing what these things are, you can click on each of the links to my Youtube channel to SEE a short video clip that talks about each strategy.

But this is just the beginning...

Yes, you should continue to explore, implement and understand each of these, but life saving principles. (How's that for dramatic!?)

...and keep learning things beyond these principles  that can help you avoid or respond to conflict and violence...

Such as...
Distance is Time...

During this weekend's seminar one of our new PeaceWalkers hailing from Texas contributed a principle that distance equals time...

And we all know that the better we can control time the better chance we have at managing violence.

Now the assumption is that more space equals more time which equals more safety...

We think things like the (in)famous Reactionary Gap (which is between 21' to 29' depending on what research you are going from).

The drill goes like this:

An officer with his pistol holstered (open carry, external holster. Retention service holster?? Not sure...)  is 21' away from a knife wielding attacker who begins running at full tilt toward the officer.

The officer attempts to draw his weapon and shoot the assailant rushing in.

The research shows that in this scenario you need approximately 21' (to 29' feet) to draw your weapon, fire and disable the threat.

Any closer and the officer typically gets stabbed with the knife.

So from that famous study the legend of the  reactionary gap began and still exists to this day.

However what if I told you that...
Sometimes CLOSER is Safer...

Yea, you read that right...

Sometimes being CLOSER to the threat can give you the advantage to control the engagement more effectively!


Well, there are many ways, but let me illustrate one...

Think of a straight jacket...

You know, the thing that people are put in so they don't hurt themselves or others when they are emotionally out of control and being violent.

Is a straight  jacket more effective if it is tight or loose?

If it is loose. it gives the person being restrained the chance (and momentum) to break free.

So, in this case closer is better.

Let's look at another example...

If you are interacting with someone where it may become violent and you either find yourself or have no choice but to be in close proximity, getting INSIDE the reactionary action/reaction gap may be a better strategy...

But only if you know how to place your arms, legs and body in the right spot to 'Check the Space' so when they move, you (a) have something in place to impede their action and (b) are in a position to 'smother' their efforts... In essence 'beating them to the punch' so to speak.

Here is a video example for you to see me doing this

Keep in mind that this approach is only used in certain circumstances and I am not saying that closer is always better...

However in this example I may be forced to compress / collapse the space and in this case by positioning myself in a very particular way, So I could collapse the attackers space more quickly and effectively when they become aggressive, because of my close proximity. Even when reacting to his initial movement, I can still  'beat him to the punch' so to speak.

Thus making closer safer this time!

And remember that...

Tactical Space Isn't Just Physical

Tactical space is not just physical. It's emotional, psychological, verbal, social, (and MORE!).

Have you ever heard the old saying,

 'Keep your friends closer and your enemies closer."

That can be interpreted a lot of ways, many of which are dubious and unhealthy...

However, let's just look at one way that will illustrate my point of closer sometimes being safer.

If my enemies are close to me I should have better intel as to what they are up to, which can help keep me safe, by knowing what their plans are, so I can prepare for them and not be taken off guard.

If I was more distant from my adversaries I wouldn't know what they are up to and may be taken by surprise, putting me in more jeopardy. 

This is one way of staying safer by being closer.


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A Sneak Peek...

Here's a look at how the design on the NEW PeaceWalker Exclusive Pace Setter T-Shirts...

The dots w/hashtag is going on front and the logo w/the saying is going on back.

We're still making more than a few cool changes, but here's the direction it's going.


These shirts are ONLY going out to the 30 or so people who were first on board w/ (you know who you are!).

The rest of you can simmmer in your envy! =) (evil smirk)


We are creating some REALLY COOL SWAG for everyone to enjoy!

Ok, that's all for now...

Have a great week and I'll see you soon!!

You got this,

Friday, April 27, 2018

Why Your Cross Training Sucks!


Remember I said that I have been getting coaching on how to better develop on-line courses and membership sites?

Like you I am always training to get better at the things that I want to excel in. That's not limited to just martial arts, shooting, tactical defense, conflict management, working out, etc...

Oh no...

I continue to invest thousands of hours and dollars into giving you the best experience that I can regarding training, courses, video content and material!

In pursuit of that I continue to hire coaches to help me develop better courses and be a more effective teacher.

The past several years I have been focusing on on-line training as the path of the future, so I have developed some courses, membership sites, apps, videos, blogs, social media sites, etc.

All of this to share the PeaceWalker Movement with more people and change the world!

The last two years I really stepped things up!

I have been working extensively with top level coaches to help me...

It seemed the more time and money I spent on coaching, the more confusing it gets...

I'm not kidding you, the more coaches (and $$$) I threw at it; the more work I put toward it and the harder I tried...
The Worse the Problem Got...

I'm not kidding you!

At one time I was working with four world class coaches. Each of whom are making 7 and 8 figures running membership sites and courses... and helping thousands of other business owners do it too!

So, why was I struggling so much?

I'm not the smartest kid on the block, but I'm no dummy either... I catch on quick and am a hard worker... what gives?!

I was ready to throw in the towel on more than one occasion!

Than I realized...
More Isn't Better!!

I needed to follow the advice I give to new martial artist.

If someone is just starting to train, and asks if it would be good to go to train in a few styles so that they will be well rounded, I tell them to...

PICK ONE First!!

With access to so much information, we tend to believe that cross training is best...

And it can be...


Not if you don't have solid basics!

If you begin cross training too early it can not only be confusing, it can defeat all of your efforts!

So, here I was following the FOUR Great Coaches who are multi-millionaires. They are sharing with me how they do it and how I should as well.

I'd listen to one of them and then do what they said. Then listen to the other one and do what they said... and then listen to the next and the next and implement what THEY said...
Here's the Problem...

The problem was that this guy believed that an 'Open Membership' was the way to go.

That guy made his millions off from a 'Closed Membership.'

The gal made her impact on courses, not memberships.

The other dude was into technical 'funnels', whereas the others were not concerned with all of the technical stuff and opted for varying levels of sophistication in their marketing and course or site consumption.

Then there's the technological platforms that all of these courses and sites are made from.
Don't Get Lost in the Sauce... Connect the Dots!

Each of these coaches found success in their approach...

However, some of the approaches conflicted with and even contradicted the other.

So, I would follow one coaches directions, only to have to start over to align w/what one of the other one was saying.

Over and over...

Yes, they had similarities, but at the basic levels, I couldn't see the differences to distinguish them from one another.
Can't Do Both...

Some of the differences were simply a matter of approach...

If I wanted to be effective and successful, I had to make a choice to tackle it 'this' way rather than 'that' way.

Yes, you can learn tips and tricks from many sources, however everything won't necessarily work together!

Are you MAC or PC?

Ford or Chevy? (or in my case Honda!)

Porsche or Ferrari?

Land Rover or Jeep?

Madcap or Starbucks!?
Some Things Just Aren't Compatible...

All of these products are good.

You can learn something from each...

However... their parts aren't interchangeable.

Porsche and Ferrari are great sports cars (not that I'd really know directly... I've never driven let alone drove either!)...

However, even with the best parts of the car, you can't just take a part off one and put it on the other...

I can take the best parts off my MAC and put them on my PC!

It just won't work.

It would NOT be effective or successful!

Well, the same thing goes for training martial arts, shooting and creating Membership Sites and Training Courses!!
You Have To Choose ONE FIRST!

I realized that I had to choose ONE Coach, get good at one path FIRST!

After understanding, implementing that ONE Way and then determining how successful it was or wasn't...


I could choose to dial it in, tweak it to find success or decide to change OR take some ideas from the other methods, etc.

But, all that is done AFTER YOU EMBRACE ONE METHOD FIRST!!!!
Steps to Learning a New Skill...

There are a lot of great ideas and different approaches out there in pretty much everything out there. When you want to learning something new here is a simple process to follow...

(1) Find an approach that resonates with you and your style.
(2) Take the time to get good at that ONE Thing! (Learn & Implement)
(3) Decide to keep it, tweak it, or abandon it.
(4) NOW You can Cross Train to round things out; replace what could work better; understand what is and isn't compatible, etc.
There you have it...

Now go out and enjoy the rest of this INCREDIBLE Day!

You got this,

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Peak Performance, Information & Application

Mike Benson doing what he does best... SMASH Things!

I am nearing the end of my Spring Cleaning Initiative...

Yes, I could keep going, because there is a never ending stream of things to clean in my place, however I am almost finished with my Spring Cleaning 1.0!

Yeah Me!! =)

Which brings me to...

Less Clutter + More Clarity
= Greater Success

Taking the time to go through my apartment and sort through all of the piles of stuff is taking a fair amount of time...

But it's Totally Worth It!

Not only does it look so much better...

But it FEELS Better...

I FEEL BETTER more clear, less cluttered in my life.

With less clutter and more clarity it is easier to see what doesn't fit. What doesn't work, what's out of place, what's new, what's old, what works and what doesn't.

Once you clean house, it's much easier to maintain...

Literally only doing a few things everyday can keep you on the right track...

However, you have to do the work.

Which includes...
Clearing Out the Clutter

Are you taking the time to clean house?

If not, IT'S TIME!!!

Yes, my friend, It's Time!

Time to be more successful!
Time to Live More... Fear Less!
Time to Protect the Right Things...
Time to Focus your Attitude...
Time to Influence More Confidently...
Time to be More Powerful in everything you do!
Time to Stop Living Small and Raise to Who You Truly Are!

But unless you Clear Out the Clutter, you might start Protecting the Wrong Things!

Take Out the Trash...

What clutter are you taking out of your personal, professional and public life?

How are you cleaning house?

If you want to get more things done and not only be more effective, but more effective in the Right Direction, then you have to gain some clarity!

And it's much easier to be clear once you clear out all of the sh*t that's in your way!

Once you do that it will be much easier to see what fits and what doesn't.

And it'll be easier to see not only what, but how!

Transformation Meets Peak Performance!

If you are looking to do some "Spring Cleaning" and want to learn more about...

~ Transformation
~ Peak Performance and
~ Being a Better Protector

(..and see some Smashing, bending and breaking...)

Then you're not going to want to miss our newest MasterClass with internationally known author, strong man and motivational speaker...


...But you'll only find that interview here on

You got this,

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Secret to Handling a Bad Google Review

So, I'm up late working on when an email pops up from my Google Business Account.

Hmmmm... Someone just wrote a review and rated my martial arts academy...

I click on it and staring back at me is a ONE STAR RATING...


If you google our academy you'll see that we have stellar ratings all 5 stars, so you can imagine my reaction when I see this single star!

Instead of totally freaking out and writing a scathing reply, I take a second... Breathe... and think of how I'm going to handle this...

First, I thought to myself...

Do I remember someone having a negative experience? Did something happen that I wasn't aware of made light of?


Q: Do I recognize this person?

A: No.

So, I cross reference his name in my email, paypal and facebook files to see if I can find him...

Nothing. His name doesn't hit the radar at all.

Next, I look up this person on line (google & Facebook). I find him on facebook and see that he seems to be a real person who's into BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) from Oregon....


Is he a Troll or Hacker?!

Did he get hacked?


But why would he pick my place?

Natural Reaction vs.
Tactical Communications

When I located him on facebook I decided to send him a message.

Now, to be clear I wanted to give him a 'piece of my mind.'  I wanted to tell him to @#$&% off and tell him what a piece of #$@+^ he was being...

But I didn't!


I collected myself and said this:

Hi, I see that you recently rated my martial arts school on google. I'm sorry, but I don't remember speaking to you or meeting you at a seminar or class. I thought I'd touch base to see if I could see if there was a miscommunication, questions or if I could help to improve your experience in some way?

His Reply:

Hey, I've never met you. When I moved to Oregon, I went to several martial arts schools. And didn't have a good experience with Mr. Smith. Has gym ownership change?

(Another Message)

OMG, I'm so sorry, I got the wrong gym!

(He pasted a screen shot of the other school)

This is the place that I was trying to review.

I deleted my review of your school. Thank you for saying something. I am embarrassed but glad you messaged me.

I apologize and hope you have a great day - Sorry again for the confusion.
What Would Have Happened...

What would have happened if I would have just went off on him?

How do you think he would responded if I would have just started reading him the riot act?

Even if it was a mistake on his end, how likely would he think,

"You're right Mr. Mad Man I deserve being yelled at because I screwed and will immediately take down my bad review and apologize to you..."

Do you think that would have happened?

Not likely!

I probably would have....

Made an Enemy Not an Ally!

So, if there was ever a chance to hash things out or discover that it was a misunderstanding I would have quite possibly...


If I was explosive I could have part of the problem!

I may have taken someone who would be Open to my suggestion and turned them into someone who is now Closed to my influence or, even worse...

Help them make the decision to be Determined to 'get back' at me.

The way that I approach the situation can determine whether or not I...

Make an Ally Rather Than an Enemy!

If you want to increase your Influence over a situation don't be a part of the problem.


1) Maintain Your Baseline (not be part of the problem)
2) Stay focused on what you're protecting (don't turn it into a power struggle)
3) Determine what type of influence will be most effective. (In this case I was diplomatic yet direct in my written communication, allowing him to clarify, save face and (hopefully) make a decision to work w/me. )
4) Have a plan 'b' if they don't do as you ask.

An AWESOME Opportunity!!

Lots of NEW things happening at!!

If you are interested in...

Learning How the Secret to Unshakable Confidence When Dealing w/Confrontation in your Professional, Personal and Public Life...

...Than, stay tuned because there is A LOT On the Way!

I'll be doing some FREE LIVE on-line training soon. So, buckle your seat belts and get ready!

You got this,